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Website is the virtual office, it creates the impression of your company , products and services.  after marketing customer has to land on website i.e Landing page, here they decide to enquire with you or no.  So website design is very crucial and important to look attractive and customer friendly with all technical aspects needs to be covered.

One page website is enough for lead generation which is called Landing page.  Multiple pages website is advisable if you have surplus money

How much a website or Landing Page cost? 

starts from 20,000/- below is the bifurcation

Domain + Hosting + Https = 10,000/- annual cost of Godaddy

Domain Name (website name)

Hosting (space for website in GB )

Http / Https (s stands for secure so its compulsory to buy if you want to run ads on Google)

10,000/- for 1 page website / Landing page extra pages 5000/- extra for each extra page 


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